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Product Description

I love seeing the growth in knowledge among children and their happiness when their understanding builds up. I really feel happy when they achieve their desired score.


  • Classroom 4 years
  • Tutoring 6 years


  • I’m a Graduate and Post Graduate in Mathematics
  • I’m also pursuing a research degree in Maths


What I believe makes a good Tutor:

I think a good tutor is one who is patient enough to listen to the children’s doubts and he/she should be passionate about the subject.

What are your top study tips for Students?

Read it as if you are reading it for the last time. Try to understand the logic behind the way something is defined.

What are your top study tips for Parents?

Spend some time studying with children. Give them some reward every time they achieve their goal.

What book would you recommend to your Students?

I think all books teach something, it’s the way a student reads it.