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Product Description

I love getting to know the young people that I work with, figuring out what makes them tick and appealing to the strengths that they have.


  • Tutoring 1 year


  • Completed Yr 12 certificate
  • Dux of Coolum Beach Christian College 2013
  • Certificate 3 in Business


What I believe makes a good Tutor:

A good tutor/mentor doesn’t just help the student to understand the schoolwork… A good tutor takes their time to get to know the student and understand how they learn. A good tutor is patient, kind and passionate about what they do.

What are your top study tips for Students?

  1. When you finish an assessment piece, read it out loud to someone!
  2. Sitting still for long periods of time sucks! After an hour go for a run around the block or maybe a skate out the front of the house!

What are your top study tips for Parents?

  1. Read with your children often, even just a night-time story can go such a long way!
  2. Take an interest in what your children are learning about.

What book would you recommend to your Students?

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge