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Product Description

The biggest thing I enjoy about tutoring is the look on the child face when then finally understand something that they were confused about. Seeing their minds grow and develop is incredible.


  • Tutoring 1 year


  • Studying Secondary Education at USC


What I believe makes a good Tutor:

Being able to provide professional knowledge, while engaging the student in learning.

What are your top study tips for Students?

  1. Remember and practice your basics – you need a strong foundation to grow.
  2. Don’t leave things to the last moment – it will create stress and not allow your work to demonstrate your full potential.

What are your top study tips for Parents?

  1. Help your child remember the basics, and try to incorporate equations and questions into your everyday lives.
  2. Give your support, even if you’re not confident helping them with the physical assignment or homework, positive encouragement and reassurance can make a big difference.

What book would you recommend to your Students?

  • For younger students, I would recommend “The Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton.
  • For older students, I would recommend “Paper Towns” by John Green.