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Product Description

I have always loved solving Maths questions and have always been quick with it. It eventually landed me to become a tutor and help children with it which is most satisfying as I am able to help them by recalling all my past experience of dealing with the questions and enjoying it.


  • Tutoring 1.5 years


  • Scored 100% and 97% in year 10 and year 12 respectively in Maths in India (equivalent to Extension 2 Maths in Australia)
  • I am currently a Masters Student at UNSW


What I believe makes a good Tutor:

Understanding, patience, assessing the weak areas of the students, friendly and having a good communication skill to impart the ideas to the students.

What are your top study tips for Students?

  1. Practice often.
  2. Understand the concepts first.

What are your top study tips for Parents?

  1. Patient and guiding the children to practice often.
  2. Regular breaks while studying are important to increase the retention capacity of the students.

What book would you recommend to your Students?

Understanding Mathematics by M.L. Aggarwal