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How We Work

Tutor Tutor makes it easy for you to find your perfect Tutor. Whether you are a parent looking to support your school-aged child, or a university student needing a little extra guidance, we have Tutors specialising in over 20 subject areas. The process is very simple for everyone (click/tap images for additional info) . . .

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We offer Tutors a 3 month free trial period and then you can choose to extend your subscription in 6 or 12 month blocks.

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We provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a listing that outlines your experience, prices, location and other vital aspects of your services.

Relax and wait to be contacted

Parents and Students will be able to view your listing and contact you via either a simple form or a more comprehensive booking request form. When you receive a message, you will get an email with all the details and you can respond directly. Payments and ongoing sessions are managed directly with your Students. It's that easy!

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We offer 4 week, 12 week or 52 week subscriptions which allow you to view complete Tutor profiles and connect with them directly.

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You can browse Tutors by subject area or location. Many of our Tutors offer online services which means they can help regardless of where they are in Australia in relation to you.

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Your subscription enables you to communicate freely with any of our Tutors directly. Use the simple contact form or a booking request form to make contact and then they will phone/email you back or respond through the direct message portal. Payments and ongoing sessions are managed directly with your Tutors. It's that easy!

Our Tutors Work In Different Settings

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